Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wedding Cake?!

Good news: my big sister is engaged! Scary news: she wants her baby sister to make her cake. I'm honored, to say the least, but also intimidated, because who else judges like family? She has faith in me and I hope I'm able to give her the perfect cake for her big day. The wedding is next summer, so I have plenty of time to practice and perfect.

She wants a cream colored, fondant covered cake, with draping and gum paste flowers. Initially, she asked me to look up Montana wild flowers (that's where she lives and where the wedding will be taking place) and I found a lovely, simple, pink flower, that happened to be the Montana state flower. She loved it and then decided against it after talking to her man. I'll be making wild roses instead. Also simple, also pretty. I think she also wants to incorporate green into the cake, as it's her favorite color. Maybe a soft green for the draping? Cream, pink and green will look nice.

On top of the cake, I'm also to be a bride's maid, along with a couple of her friends, our older sister, and the groom's sister. (Our brother will be a groomsmen.)

She calls me most every day with details she wants to excitedly discuss, things she had previously said that she now wants to change, and various other crazy things. I hope one day I get to be the crazy one!

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