Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I really need to post more in this blog! My one entry is lonely.
Today at work was my chocolate training day; when the current chocolate maker leaves next week I'll be taking over his position. He told me we were going to be making molded chocolates and it reminded me that my boyfriend's mother had given me an antique chocolate mold when we went to her house to get our new dog, Sarah, and I ran out to my car to get it so I could show it to him. He decided that we should try to make something with it, so we made a few shells and then filled them with orange-chocolate cream. When we went to unmold it, we found that I had made the shells too thin and they wouldn't properly release, but we got a good look at the top and decided we wanted to try again. We went through the process all over again with better results. They didn't release nearly as easily as the plastic molds, but we figure that has to do with its age and the fact that it's completely made of metal.

The chocolates had some imperfections, but as the mold is antique it's expected. They really are lovely.

Unfortunately, the pictures had to wait until I got home since I didn't have my camera with me; the chocolate got a little melt-y in the car and you can see my little finger marks from carrying it inside.

If there is any chance anyone knows who made Aïda chocolates I'd love to hear about it. So far my internet searches have come up empty.

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